Results – SAPUC 96.22%; Evening PUC: 88.52%; Harihar 87%

3 May. St Aloysius Pre University College has scored an impressive 96.22% results for this year. Given the number of students appearing for the exams (over 1,500), this is an extremely impressive result.

Hearty congratulations to Prof. John D’Silva (Principal), Fr Michael John (Administrator) and all the staff members who have slogged through the year to  make it a good year for the college and the students.

In the meantime, our new baby St Aloysius Pre University College Harihar has done extremely well – it has achieved 87% results, only in its second year of results. Isn’t this a wonderful performance given the college is new, staff are new, students who come (in the infancy of a college) are not the best! Fr Victor Lobo, you are great! You worked miracles! Hearty congratulations to you and to your dedicated staff members.

Overall Results:

St Aloysius PU COllege: Science 1010 appeared, 977 passed (96.73%); Commerce: 296 appeared, 282 pass (95.27%); Arts – 69 appeared, 64 pass (92.75%). Overall: 1375 appeared, 1323 passed; 96.22%

HIghest marks in Arts: Lovita Natasha Viegas – 506.

HIghest marks in  COmmerce: Amar Sharma & Sonali Suresh Mallya: 570.

HIghest marks in Science: Vinayachandra V. – 579

HIghest marks in Arts by an SC student: Puja Ermal – 511

HIghest marks in Commerce by an SC student: Rahul Shivakanth Hiroli – 504

HIghest marks in Science by SC student: Laxmi V – 466

HIghest marks in Art by an ST student:Anush K – 547

HIghest marks in Commerce by an ST student: Mangala G Naykar -504

HIghest marks in Sceince by an ST student: Sharath Kumar K – 497.

HIghest marks in Kannada: Pratik Irvatthur, Sneha H., Shrija Rao S.P.  – 95 each

St Aloysius Evening PU College: Arts – 15 appeared, 10 passed, 66.66%; Commerce – 46 appeared, 54% passed (95.65%); Overall – 61 appeared, 54 passed, Overall: 88.52%.

HIghest marks in Arts: Gopinath Baliga & Umesh V – 384 each

HIghest marks in  Commerce: Ranjith Kumar K – 515

HIghest marks in Kannada – Ranjith Kumar K -94; Parvathi – 92; Yogishwari – 91.

HIghest marks in Arts by an SC student: Raviraj Shivappa Vadgeri – 323.

HIghest marks in Arts by an ST student: Ranjith Kumar K – 515; Nagaraj – 452; Jitesh – 264. 

St Aloysius PU College Harihar – c. 87% (1 failed in chemistry, 8 in Physics; 100% in every other subject)


4 comments on “Results – SAPUC 96.22%; Evening PUC: 88.52%; Harihar 87%

  1. preeti ladwa says:

    the collage is very nice. if i would get an opportunity i would join here at your collage………..

  2. anees says:

    this is a fine college i have seen in my life
    all my best wishes with u dear principal and

  3. Thank you Mr Shivaraya for your compliment and also the concern. this will be brought to the notice of the heads of the concerned units of our Institution.

  4. Congratulations to the Principal & entire staff for their dedicated effort in getting a very good results in PUC. The students of Bantval studying in SAC have also secured very high percentage marks in Science subjects. My appeal to SAC Management is to consider to open PU College specialy Science section in this area which is home town of our beloved & respected Bishop
    But how is that M.Sc Analytical Chemistry gets a very poor esult in Organic Chemistry ?

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