Are DISPLAY advertisements dominating CLASSIFIED ones?

                                                  Are DISPLAY advertisements dominating CLASSIFIED ones?
                                                                                                                                                                           By Prachi Srivastava

Thursday, July 21, 2011 

Newspaper, as an advertising medium is trusted since ages. Even today, after all technological inventions and innovations, even after the advent of mobile and internet playing a medium to deliver news, many people start their day with a cup of tea and newspaper. Newspaper is widely preferred mainly for the reach it has and also its ability to reach different target audiences. Brands still rely on newspapers because they can reach out to their target audiences.

Newspaper advertising has been explored with time. There have been display advertisements for many brands like cars, shampoo, and soap etc. classified advertisements for companies like BPOs, matrimonial, gym. There have been innovations like that of Volkwagen which had a talk machine in TOI that created a great publicity of the brand. Newspapers have also been having shampoo sachets, or small oil bottle etc attached to them creating a different recognition for the brand as such innovations attract the readers faster than normal display or classified advertisements. Also, the innovative print advertisements are spread through word of mouth and appreciated by many.

Typically newspaper display ads and are caused by larger business establishments with larger advertising spends. Display ads include retail/branding, public announcements, tender,public notice, education admission notices, UFR, special appointment Supplements etc. For Personal/ Individual Requirements such as selling Property, Automobiles, Change of Name newspaper classified ads are more optimally suited.

Display advertisements have texts, logos, graphics, and other forms of informational items that not only inform the readers about the brand but also create a longer impact than classified advertisement. Display generally appears on the same page where the editorial content is present or many times it is also present as a full page advertisement creating a greater significance and recognition for the brand. Whereas, classified advertisements generally appear in distinct section, based on their ad category in a designated newspaper classified pullout. The classified pages were traditionally text-only, and available in a limited selection of typefaces. Classified ads can either be normal classified texts or classified display ads. Classified display Ads are cheaper than regular display ads – and appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns.

Classified ads are great at generating inquiries. Not only are these inquiries potential customers, but they also are a nice start to a mailing list that you can contact regarding future offers! Display ads on the other hand can give the information needed to make a sale straight from the page. Display ads allow you to describe your product or service, explain how to order and ideally make the sale. Display advertising is great for products that are visual and can be shown in use. People like to see what they are buying, so when possible, show them! Classified advertisements are simple helping people to search jobs too. But with time are the display advertisements dominating classified ones?

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisesrs, “I feel classified ads needs to be more attractive than just informational. They are traditionally text-only! All these ads look similar! Whereas, newspaper display ads have enough scope and space to be out-of-the box as well as creative. So I believe unless some drastic and interesting changes are not incorporated to classified display format, the format will become redundant”.

Pratap Bose, COO-Mudra Group, CEO-Mudra Max says “Classifieds are important for what they stand for. Display ads are there for a different purpose. If you are a print newspaper, display advertisements are always more than classifieds and this trend is not only in India but across the world and this will never change”. 

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