SAC Results Oct 2012

2 Dec 2012. Hello guys! Sorry, there has been some activity by you on this blog, and very specially a lot of it on, looking for the results of under graduation (UG) examinations held in October 2012.  And hardly any activity from me, on these blogs, specially regarding st aloysius college (SAC) matters.

Sadly, the admin of this blog is abroad, and has no access to the results directly.  Usually the College Registrar used to forward the results or any important news to me instantly, or I used to remind till they came in! Thus, students were served in their needs, even if on unofficial channels! And it worked so well, when (and often) the official channels failed!

But this time, the arrangement in students’ favour has not happened. Unfortunately and predictably, the college website -as usual- is not accessible.

That should make it clear that this blog is not the official channel of the College – neither representing nor supported by it. Neither is it a mouthpiece of the Department of Mass Communication, for which it has worked to promote. It is one man’s passion to use modern technologies in education, and to better serve students.

I plead helpless!

Good wishes!


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