Dept of Journalism Movies since Dec ’05 to Dec ’06 (updated on 03 Feb 07)

The Following 10 short films are made  for the Short Film Making Competition for the Students. They range from 7 minutes to 15 minutes. 

38. Darpana – the Mirror of Life (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

37. I Am Not An Island (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

36. Who Is A True Friend (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

35. Just Another Day (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

34. The Roll of the Role (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

33. Life is Beautiful (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

32. Sankalp (Determination, Hindi with EST) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

31. Naanu (Myself, Kannada with EST)  [for Shooting Stars 2007]

30. Jivith (Life, Konkani with EST) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

29. Bhramid (Illusion, Konkani with EST)  [on drug-alcohol abuse, for Shooting Stars 2007]

  1. A Day Out in the Sea – Trawler Fishing (Workshop Outcome)
  2. Everybody Says Nobody Does – (Workshop Outcome)
  3. Conflict Zones (Workshop Outcome)
  4. Where’s the Road (Workshop Outcome)
  5. AlCaNa – Association Documentary
  6. Aloysius Boy’s Home – Annual Day Celebration
  7. Beneath the Shades (Al-Katte by Anjana George)
  8. Black Curtain (Health Video)
  9. Chikungunya (Health Video)
  10. Know Malaria No to Malaria (Health Video)
  11. Elections 06 – 07 (News-Docu of SAC Student Elections)
  12. Saamprathi – MSW Fest
  13. Shayad (Sachin Crasto, B.Com – III)
  14. Peek-a-boo – Look Into My life (Vineetha B)
  15. What – We Have All That (Vineetha & Sindhu)
  16. Late Entry (Shooting Stars 2006)
  17. Deja-vu (Shooting Stars 2006)
  18. AEIOU – An Effort In Our Unity (Shooting Stars 2006, III Prize)
  19. Frens (Shooting Stars 2006)
  20. Abyss (Shooting Stars 2006 – II Prize)
  21. For Whom It Rings? (Shooting Stars 2006- I Prize)
  22. Aastha (Shooting Stars 2006)
  23. It Shines And It Burns (Abrar Khan & Arron Menezes)
  24. The Beginning Of the End (Abrar Khan)
  25. Quit Malaria – Save Life (MSW Project)
  26. Astro Club (Association Documentary)
  27. Ordination – 27 December 2005 (Ordination)
  28. Taboo (Shooting Stars 2006)

(Want to know more about these films? Contact us at or


Mr P N Ramachandra, from MumbaiFilms @ SAC

Dept of Journalism and Al Madhyam, its media forum SAC, speak cinematic language, a language that is understood by billions of people. Thus we attempt to contribute our mite to the training of our students and the public in film appreciation and film culture.

Here is the newest initiative: Suddha. Please “Search” for Suddha in the ‘search’ panel in the right column of this blog. Come along with you friends to watch this good movie.

We have many more films waiting for you

Soon we will be announcing our short documentary films festival – of films made during the Documentary Filmmaking Workshop in October. P N Ramachandra himself was around to train the young filmmakers.

Then, there is “Shooting Stars” in progress. Once again, you can click on panel for Shooting Stars 2007 or ‘search’ in the search panel.

There is something very exciting, too, round the corner. We will announce it soon.

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