Post Graduate Classes to Begin Next Week

04 July. New semester for the new academic year is about to begin. Mass Communication & Media Studies students, who are in their long internship, will rejoin on 09 July 2012, Monday. The freshers -1st semester students- of MCMS (and other programs) will join on 16 July 2012.

A warm welcome to you all to a new, exciting academic, fun-filled year.

Classes for Mass Communication to Start on Aug.02

25 July. Classes for all the post graduation courses -including MCMS/ Mass Communication- at the Main Campus of St Aloysius College will commence from 02 August 2010.

Classes for all the Third Semester students have already begun on 06 July 2010, whereas the Mass Communication students joined on 19 July, after their 10-week fruitful internships.

Those willing to join the courses can still apply; a few seats are available. This year onwards SAC is starting MSc mathematics.