Making Media Education More Professional – SAC MCMS Way

22 July.  Academia РIndustry gap has always been a point of tension between the stake holders in any field of education. More specially pronounced is this tension and unhappiness in media education-practitioner field.

Master of Communication and Media Studies Dept has always stood for the best available media education. In its pursuit to make education more industry oriented and also to bridge the gap between media academia and industry, to have more collaborative ties with practitioners, we have three practicing journalists investing their time, experience and talent with the Media (MCMS) students of st Aloysius College. Besides, there are a number of other print, broadcast, electronic media  journalists  coming every now and then to share their experience and tips with these students.

In addition, we have two more highly experienced teachers coming up – at the end of this month.

Mr John Thomas -from Bangalore- is the first one to open this chapter from Outstation. Mr JT was the News Editor of Deccan Herald. He was also the Editor of Statesman, News Editor of AFP, and founder-editor of Vijaya Karnataka. After that, he has worked as the Asst. Dean of IIJNM, and visiting faculty at Christ as well as Garden City College!

What more!?